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What is it?

  • A blog is a free website to use but the posts are linear. The most recent is at the top.

What is a Blog? by ProBlogger





Blogging Platforms



-very popular with educators and includes several widget and customization options as well as fantastic support!


-one of the more popular platforms with many embedding options and widgets.


-one of the more popular platforms but free version lacks many embedding options.


-blog by email!

-not as many widgets or customization as the ones above but very simple and quick to use compared to the others.



Video Tutorials


Blogging with Edublogs


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Blogging with Blogger


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Blogging with Wordpress


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Blogging with Posterous


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Useful Links


Introduction to Blogging! Free PDF

Creating Blogs and Websites by Richard Byrne

- Richard has several presentations and lists several resources for starting your own blog, website, or wiki.

What Exactly is a Blog?

How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners by ProBlogger

Boost Your Blog with Widgets by Ozge

Silly Teacher, Blogs are for Techies? | Teacher Reboot Camp 

Do You Know Blog Lingo? | Teacher Reboot Camp 

The Best Kept Secrets of Highly Successful Edu-Bloggers, Part I by Karenne Sylvester | Teacher Reboot Camp 

How To Import Your Blog Posts Into Facebook | The Edublogger 

50 Useful Blogging Tools for Teachers | Teaching Tips

100 Ways To Improve Your Blog

11 advantages of using a blog for teaching

What you wanted to KNOW about blogging! | The Edublogger

Finding and Adding Creative Commons Images To Your Blog Posts | The Edublogger

Copyright and Using Images in Blog Posts | The Edublogger

Tips For Writing Your 'About page' | The Edublogger

Here's My Five Top Tips For Building Your Blog's Readership -What Are Yours? | The Edublogger

Have You Set Up Your About Page? | The Edublogger

Langwitches Blog » Getting to Know Your Blog: A Beginner's How-To-Guide

How To Embed a Google Calendar In A Blog Page! | The Edublogger 

How To Embed A Google Calendar In Your Blog Sidebar | The Edublogger 

What is RSS and why you should use it? An introduction for newbies. 

Ed Blog Collection - Check out this amazing blog collection by @CliveSir








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