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About Me


Hi, I’m Valéria Benévolo França and I’m an ELT professional, who’s been involved in English language teaching for around 20 years. I currently work as the Head of a Teacher Training department in an English language teaching institution in Brazil . I blog so as to share some of my experiences and some of the challenges which our profession sometimes brings us.

I´m a passionate advocate of our profession. I see myself much more as an educator. Maybe this is largely due to the fact that I took a BEd., specialising in primary education, and taught in Cambridgeshire schools before moving out to Brazil in the late nineties.

I´ve been involved with technology in education for about 10 years now and have seen the huge benefits it can add to classroom practice. But I also think education can be just as effective even when you don´t have access to technology - it all depends on the teacher quality and determination.


Find me on twitter: @vbenevolofranca


You can find me on LinkedIn: http://br.linkedin.com/in/valeriabenevolofranca



My Blog: Valeria's Blog


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