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About Me


Mr. Shaw’s Bio

I am a Special Education Teacher, who enjoys teaching English Language Arts and being a Special Education Case Manager at Lawrence Junior High School. I have been at LJHS since October 2009.

Being originally from Newport, Maine, I have a small town attitude towards many things in life — including two important attributes; self-sufficiency and resiliency. I know we can do more than we think we can and believe that challenging my students to do what they can and often more than they thought they could – is the right thing to do.

I went in the U.S. Coast Guard when I was 17 and stayed for almost 21 years, eventually being promoted to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer (W3) – Personnel Administration before I retired. In the military I learned the value and necessity of continuing my education and training; it took me 19 years to earn my Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts from The University of the State of New York and that still remains one of my proudest achievements.

After my retiring from the military, I had a choice between going to work in technology field or start working with kids. I chose to work with kids as an Assistant Family Teacher at Good-Will Hinckley, where I worked for a total of 11 years. While there I found that I loved teaching, which eventually led me to becoming a Certified Special Education teacher through Maine’s Alternative Teacher Certification Program.

I still love to use computers, learn how to use new technologies and strongly believe that our students need to learn how to use technology in the classroom and outside of school safely. I just as strongly believe that technology needs to be embedded into the curriculum, because it is such a big part of our student’s future. Students need to be able to transfer their knowledge and skills from what they are learning today, to new technologies in the future and be prepared for jobs that don’t even exist yet.

I have a motto that I believe in very strongly:

“Do the right thing for the right reason.”

and I try very hard to follow that motto.

If you want to, you can find me on twitter: @hshawjr


My Blog: One Foot Reality


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